Thursday, August 19, 2010

ahhhhh!!!! :)

Okay, I've been spending every waking moment away from the kids, editing sessions, eating and sleeping the past week trying to get my website up and going. I wish I had known how much work went into starting a website! It's about to give me a nervous breakdown! I had to resize pictures to fit on the website and somehow LOST about 100 pictures I had painstakingly resized JUST for the website. Breathe, Sarah. BREATHE.

So, I'm taking a break from building the website to update the blog for those of you who aren't on Facebook to see peeks at recent sessions. Enjoy!

I still have several openings in September and October, and November is wide open for anyone wanting to schedule a shoot! My goal is three shoots a week, so call me! I'd love to meet you! Again, for those of you that don't know it, my number is 317.626.3782. Love you all and thanks for all your support and patience!

Sweet Sophie. Her mom was a sorority sister of mine (XO!) at Ball State. She was the sweetest, cutest, most presh newborn ever! Like the headband??? Check them out HERE (facebook) or HERE!

The AWESOME Burns family! :) I've known Melissa since high school and she has two of the cutest boys! Dylan goes to kindergarten with Ethan, so Melissa and I have been crying to each other about how CRAZY it is that our baby boys are kindergarteners! Can't believe how fast time goes.

This is sweet Callie! She rocked the tutu! I'm a sucker for a sweet girl in a tutu for shoots! LOVE it! :)

And, duh. Had to add a picture of my gorgeous daughter, Miss Harper Grace. Modeling a Lillypie headband! :)

This is my friend's daughter, Corrinne. This was a mini shoot we did for Coco's first birthday. She is seriously the. cutest. bug. EVER. I just love her to death, she's gorgeous just like her momma! And if you are swooning over the dress she's wearing right now (I know you are!) check out the Etsy store HERE! Make sure you order a knot dress and the rockin jean ruffle pants you'll see a few pics down! To die for!

Nothing better than two year old twins! They made me work for it, man! I ran the whole canal the night of their shoot. :) Their momma is my one year old's teacher at his little Parent's Day Out program at church. She's awesome, and so is her family!

Speaking of awesome's one! Leslie, the mom (who looks like one of the teenagers, it pretty much makes me sick) works with me. She's an awesome nurse, mom, wife and has raised three pretty amazing girls!  This shoot was soooo much fun, they were up for anything and we had a great time.

Ohhhh, handsome little Aiden. He was the most perfect model EVER! He smiled like it was going out of style, walked in the sweltering heat all over downtown Greenwood and put up with me and my crazy photog antics! I heart him. A lot. Happy fourth birthday, big guy! :)

My best friend's daughter, Aubrey. Seriously. It doesn't get much better than this. She's GORGEOUS, our family adores her, she adores us (Harper loves when Aubrey gets to come over to play), and I couldn't have asked God for a better friend in her mom, Crystal, who I've known since kindergarten! We're determined that Aubrey and Harper will be life long friends as well! :) Luckily, we haven't had to force anything yet, they pretty much love each other a lot! Aubrey is also modeling a Made for Belle dress and those awesome awesome ruffled jean pants I was telling you about a minute ago!

Lucy, I almost stole her. She is a petite, lovely, gorgeous, edible PERFECT little 8 month old angel and I. LOVE. her. Her mom is pretty awesome too, spreading the word about me and my photography! It makes my heart smile to know that someone loves my pictures that much, and I'm so grateful Melinda got in contact with me, because I have a good feeling I'm gonna get to see more of this precious little girl! :) This blog entry is actually courtesy of Lucy's momma...:)

Another amazing family. Four kids. Count em, FOUR. Oh, Lordy! But, they were four of the most gorgeous, well behaved kids I've ever had the pleasure of meeting! It was a great honor to be able to capture their family pictures, and I couldn't have asked for a better group of six to work with!

Okay. That was not nearly the amount of pictures I wanted to put up on this blog tonight, but I have to get back to the task at hand...the beloved and wretched website. Which will be (you guessed it!) Hopefully coming to the world wide web near you in no more than two weeks! That's my goal, anyway. Praying I get this website up before it gets the best of me!
As an FYI, warning, whatever you want to call it, pricing will be going up as soon as the website is live.  Basically, believe it or not, I'm not making nearly the money I had hoped to be making charging what I currently charge for sessions. After gas, paying a sitter, a minimum of 6 hours editing each session, etc....I hope that those of you interested still stick around, despite a little increase in the price. To those of you that don't know me personally, I'm also a registered nurse, working full time on the weekends, as well as a photographer. I love love love this new job as a photographer, but as a mother of three little ones (5, 3 and 1), I need to make this new venture worth my while, worth yours, and worth the extra time I spend away from my kids. I hope y'all understand and continue to stick with me!

I'll end this entry with a picture of my beloved firstborn, Ethan. He started kindergarten last Friday and he LOVES it! I hold back the tears pretty regularly when the reality of the situation hits me, but it makes it easier on me knowing how much he is loving kindergarten. He goes full day to a private Christian school, which is truly a blessing in itself, and he's learning so much already!

Thanks again for your love and support, it truly means the world to me!


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