Thursday, May 27, 2010

A few more....

Just got done editing a good portion of the newborn shoot I did yesterday. I posted a couple sneak peeks last night, but I just had to share these, they're too too cute!  The boys' mom and I weren't sure we would get any with Andre sweetly oohing and ahhing his baby brother. I was sooo excited when I saw these precious captures!  

Favorite alert!!!! Precious big brother!

And of course, a couple more of Alex!

This shoot was so much fun! Can't wait to book my next newborn!
Congrats again to the Perez family!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Perrrrfect little guy!

Here's a peek at a couple newborn pictures I got today from sweet-as-pie baby Alex! 8 days old and ohhhh so cute! For his momma, I'll try to get some more editing done tomorrow after work! Hope you like these!

Isn't he handsome?

Loooove his dimple!

Bethany's sneak peek!

Gotta get in the shower, going to meet my mom for lunch with Harper and Maddox while Dave and Ethan get their hair cut. Then, off to Fairland to do a newborn shoot! But I had to put these pictures up for Bethany, so she could show her familia. :)

Have a fabulous day, everyone! Enjoy the sunshine! :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My kids are gorgeous!!!! :)

There's a little spot down the road from our house in the neighborhood of a bunch of trees, grass, little trails and some rocks. Perfectly earthy, and perfect for an inpromput photo shoot of my gorgeous babies!  They did great (for the most part). Maddox didn't agree with mommy's idea to do pictures, but I still managed to get a few good ones of him. The ones I got of Ethan and Harper just took my breath away, so I'm super anxious to share them!  The nice weather is coming sooooon (I think? Hope? Pray???), so please call me or email me to set up a shoot! I'm anxious to shoot you! hehe.

My firstborn. I can't believe how big he's getting! He's such a smart, lovable, obedient, caring, sensitive little guy. I love him so much. I can't believe he's on his way to kindergarten in a few short months!

I just know that she is the most gorgeous girl in the whole world! My princess, Harper Grace.

Maddox will be one year old on July 6. I can not believe it! My last baby is all grown up. *sniff sniff, tear tear*. He looks like such a little man in this picture!

I heart them.

As a side note, Maddox got tubes in his ears yesterday morning! He had to be NPO (nothing by mouth) after midnight for surgery at 7 am. Let me tell ya....trying to tell a chubby, still nursing 10 month old that he's not allowed to eat for 7 hours?!??! Did not go over well.  Here are a few pictures of his pitiful little self before and after surgery. Went well, though, for those of you wondering! He was a little fussy and still is trying to get his sleep schedule back to normal. He's actually napping right now, 2 hours earlier than he usually lays down! But, I'm hoping this is the end of ear infections all together for the poor guy!

Yelling at mommy. :)

What a sad, sad little face! He was so hungry and oh soooo sleepy. This was right before the nurse took him back.

Home again, home again! He was cranky, sleepy and needed extra TLC for a while after we got home. Thankfully, Dave was home til about 3:45, so it gave me some time to just cuddle my little bug...and time to take a little nap. Getting up at 5 am is not necessarily my idea of a good time, either!

Til next time! I have a shoot on Monday with a wonderful friend of mine and her adorable little family of four. They are the most gorgeous family, I can't wait to share the pictures with you all!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Boudoir and another newborn! I love this new "job!"

Did my first boudoir shoot last week and had ohhhhh so much fun! It was a blast, and I got permission to post one of my favorite (non-risque) photos on the blog! Check it out! If anyone out there is interested in doing a boudoir session for her hubby (c'mon, you know you wanna!), it's $150 for the session and a hardcover photobook with all your favorite edited images (minimum of 20 pages), plus I'll throw in a CD of all the edited images, just because I love you! :) If you want to do your own photo book, it's $100 for the session and the CD of all the edited images. This boudoir session took me hours to edit (and she is a stunning momma), because I sat my bootie at this computer til my eyes crossed to make the photos as flattering as possible! So, if you're scared that your stretch marks, cellulite, I-get-three-hours-of-sleep-a-night dark circles under your eyes are all you'll see, don't worry about it! I gotcha covered! Here's a peek....

She is SO pumped for her husband to see the book (best anniversary gift ever!), and it turned out ahhhmazing!

Now, onto something completely different! Another newborn shoot! Yay! But, this one was a little different. Little Trevor is 5 weeks old in his newborn pics, but he was born 5 weeks early. So, of course, he's still considered a "newborn." He's absolutely gorrrgeous and has the best hair and chub I've ever seen! He still has to be hooked up to his apnea monitor at home (hence the leads and lead wires you'll see), but it doesn't matter...I loved photographing it all because it's part of his birth story! And I love that.  Here ya go!

Ohhhh, so sweeeeet!

I love a sleepy baby! After having three kids in five years, I live for
those naps sometimes, man!

Seriously? Most perfect baby hair ever award goes to this guy!

I heart this one.

Wakin' up!

Thanks for checking out my blog, have a good night! xoxo

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweet baby boy!

Tonight I photographed my friend's grandbaby, Zayvier. He is soooo scrumptious! There's just no other word to describe him. I got a fantastical new lens today, and it makes a world of a difference, I loooove it! Here's a couple of my favorites from tonight. :)

I had three great sessions this week, none so far for next week! So, anyone who's interested in a shoot, hit me up on Facebook or email me at

Back to work this weekend. Bleh.

G'night! :)

I love newborn baby girls...

One of my old friends from college just had her first baby. I took the kids and drove up to Crown Point on Wednesday to visit with Shelli and Ava. I wanted to do a fun girly newborn shoot with miss Ava-girl, but Maddox just wasn't having it! He wouldn't let me put him down, and if I was able to put him down, he cried and cried....*sigh*. So, most of these pictures to follow were taken while I was holding him in one arm and my camera in another... :) Oh well, still got a few cute ones!

Congrats to Tim and Shelli! Such a sweet baby girl.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A couple more favorites!

Here are a couple more pictures that I've come to absolutely *love* that I just had to share!  My beautiful and talented photog friend, Rachel, told me about some Pioneer Woman Photoshop actions that I've uploaded to my computer. Now I can't wait to use them on some upcoming sessions! Yay!  Taking some newborn pictures tomorrow, boudoir session Thursday, 2 month old on Friday!

Have a lovely evening! Off to clean the house while watching Idol and Gleeeee! :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love my family!

My brother and sister in law are in town for a few days celebrating my dad's PhD. They live in Oklahoma and I miss them so much! We had a cookout at Mom and Dad's yesterday and I got a couple hilarrrrious shots of Ryan and Chelsea with alllll their neices and nephews!  Just had to share. Love and miss you guys already!

Jacob, Ethan, Harper, Chelsea, Joey, Ryan and Maddox! Whew!

I just love this one. So much love and fun!

Yep, I'd venture to guess the kids are over picture time.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Another fun shoot!

Yesterday I photographed two of the cutest girls in the world! Their mom is an ahhhmazing hair stylist here in Greenwood (Ashley Stamper at Design Lines-PLUG!), and I just had to get her girls in for a shoot! Alayna was oh-so-perfect posing for me the entire time, and little Annabelle was full of smiles! It was a great time and I can't wait to photograph them again sometime soooon! Here are a few of my favorites!


Miss Alayna

LOVE this one!

Absolute models, I tell ya.

Love love love Annabelle's face in this one! :)

Getting kisses from Mommy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Perfect Baby!

Check out this cutie-pie! He is a week older than Maddox and the sweetest thing! I had so much fun photographing him today!

Off to bed, g'night!!!