Thursday, May 20, 2010

Boudoir and another newborn! I love this new "job!"

Did my first boudoir shoot last week and had ohhhhh so much fun! It was a blast, and I got permission to post one of my favorite (non-risque) photos on the blog! Check it out! If anyone out there is interested in doing a boudoir session for her hubby (c'mon, you know you wanna!), it's $150 for the session and a hardcover photobook with all your favorite edited images (minimum of 20 pages), plus I'll throw in a CD of all the edited images, just because I love you! :) If you want to do your own photo book, it's $100 for the session and the CD of all the edited images. This boudoir session took me hours to edit (and she is a stunning momma), because I sat my bootie at this computer til my eyes crossed to make the photos as flattering as possible! So, if you're scared that your stretch marks, cellulite, I-get-three-hours-of-sleep-a-night dark circles under your eyes are all you'll see, don't worry about it! I gotcha covered! Here's a peek....

She is SO pumped for her husband to see the book (best anniversary gift ever!), and it turned out ahhhmazing!

Now, onto something completely different! Another newborn shoot! Yay! But, this one was a little different. Little Trevor is 5 weeks old in his newborn pics, but he was born 5 weeks early. So, of course, he's still considered a "newborn." He's absolutely gorrrgeous and has the best hair and chub I've ever seen! He still has to be hooked up to his apnea monitor at home (hence the leads and lead wires you'll see), but it doesn't matter...I loved photographing it all because it's part of his birth story! And I love that.  Here ya go!

Ohhhh, so sweeeeet!

I love a sleepy baby! After having three kids in five years, I live for
those naps sometimes, man!

Seriously? Most perfect baby hair ever award goes to this guy!

I heart this one.

Wakin' up!

Thanks for checking out my blog, have a good night! xoxo

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