Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Busy couple of weeks!

Wow! Finally getting a chance to update the blog! Here is a nice little peek-a-boo of some of my favorites from recent sessions.

Cutie patootie!



Here's little Danica...this was such a fun shoot. *Adorable* little family!

Sweet little Annabelle Grace!

                                                                                       Gorrrgeous big sister, Alayna

Love the Stampers! :)


First senior shoot! Yay! Had SO much fun and was so excited about the great
pictures we got!

In other news....my daughter is drop dead gorgeous. ;)

She's gonna be THREE in a few short weeks and I just quite literally can't believe it.


Maddox is ONE!!! Well, almost. He will be one officially on July 6. But, we will be on vacation on his birthday, so we had an "Indiana" birthday party for him this past weekend. :) Yep, that's him. The one with the chain saw.

Diving into his smash cake. Why a banana, you ask? Because he's 1. my little monkey. and
2. because his big cake was the cutest monkey ever, we just felt a banana was only appropriate! The cake and smash cake were made for me by an old high school friend. She did an AMAZING job! Thanks, Lisa! :)

Oh, how I love my little man.

Happy birthday big boy! Momma loves you soooooo much!


Whew! Now that the fun part is over, just wanted to give an update on pricing, etc.

Currently family/children (up to 6 people), maternity and engagement sessions are running $100 for the session and a CD of all edited images.

Senior sessions are $100 for the first hour, $50 each additional hour with unlimited dressing changes and multiple locations ok. You will get a CD of 40-50 edited images
included in that price.

Newborn sessions are $150, and that price includes a CD of all edited images. The reason newborn sessions are a little more expensive is because they typically take a little longer (to fit in feedings, cuddles, etc), and the editing is much more time consuming.

Boudoir sessions are $150. That price includes the session and a hard cover album of 20 pages of your favorite poses (I'll let you pick them, I promise!) The CD can be purchased for an additional $50. If you want just the session and the CD with no album, that price is $150.

Mini sessions (30 minutes with 15 edited images on a CD) are available for $50.

At this time, I am not currently booking weddings. I'm not opposed to eventually booking weddings, I just don't feel I'm quite "up to par" for what a bride would expect for one of the most important and memorable days of her life! Hopefully with some time, that will change!

Also, for any established clients, refer a friend! Anyone who books a shoot with me and mentions you as the one who referred them will earn you a $50 print credit with your next session!

Okay, I think that's it! Again, thank you SO much for taking the time to check out my blog. I appreciate so much the support, encouragement and love I've received!

Don't forget to also check out my fan page on Facebook, Sarah-Beth Photography
and "like" it! :) Every 100th fan will receive a *free* mini session with 15 edited images on a CD with full reprinting rights! So, "like" it and suggest it to your friends! Love you!


Friday, June 18, 2010

I heart summer!

It's been a hot week here in good ol' Indy. Like humid, sticky, swoobs hot. Sweat pouring down my face hot. But I much prefer summer to winter! Sunny days = fun shoots! Here are a few of my favorites from a shoot with a handsome guy and his mom, a surprise for her husband for Father's Day. She told me today that she couldn't wait until tomorrow to give them to him, so she showed him the pictures today! That makes me so happy that she loved them so much! :)

I can't believe I will have two boys this big one day. :(


One of my friends invited me to take the pictures at her son's first birthday party last weekend. Baby T has such a special place in my heart. He's about a month older than Maddox, but they look so much alike, they could be brothers! When we get the kids together, they are just the cutest things! I'm glad I have a new friend in Dana. Because she's FUN (duh), but also because I get to snuggle her little man, too! :)

Eyelashes, much?

T's daddy grilling for all the guests! It was a huge party and we had a blast!

Monster truck cake!

Cake testing.

Ohhhh, Tyler. I heart you. Happy birthday, big boy!

Here's a picture of T and M crawling around at the zoo last week.  Aren't they the cutest little duo ever?!?!?


I did a shoot yesterday for a coworker of mine. She has the most *adorable* baby girl! She was such a daddy's girl!

Pretty Kiera.

Love that dress!


And here are a few of my adorable bebes. :)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.....MADDOX IS WALKING!!!!!!!!!! Started walking a couple of weeks ago, and it is the cutest. thing. EVER.

Oh, I love them so much! They are just sucking every bit of summer out that they can, and I love it!

Harper was SO excited about going to the zoo!

Ethan mesmorized by the penguins. Penguins! Of all things.

I have a senior shoot scheduled next week and two more family shoots! Yay! I'll be posting more sooooon!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Gorgeous baby girls!

Had two super fun shoots yesterday! The first one was a first birthday shoot of my friend's adorable baby girl, Miss Daphne. She was in such a great mood, tons of smiles, even though we drug (dragged???) her outside for millions of pictures during her naptime! Happy birthday, Daph!  If anyone is interested in the tutu or hairbows you see on Daphne, her momma runs a successful little company called Bowlicious Babies. Tutus, bows, diaper covers...the *cutest* stuff! Check it out here or here! 

Love her eyelashes in this picture!!!

Probably one of my favorite pictures ever! I know, I know, it's not a picture of her adorable face. BUT, there's something about the colors in this shot. So cheery and happy. And, let's face it. Who doesn't love pretty pink toenails on a one year old diva?!?!

Ohhhh, what a happy girl! SO precious!

Love this dress. So girly!

Such an amazing tutu! Love it! If only Harper would let me put one on her... ;) Now that she's almost three, she has her own opinion about what she feels like wearing. Thank the LORD that it's hot out now, I've finally convinced her to stop wearing her long-sleeved Batman t-shirt! :)


Now, onto my lovely little three weeker I got to shoot yesterday! I must say, this shoot made my heart just smile. The way her momma and daddy just doted on her! They just love that little girl so much, and it was written all over their faces and apparent in every move they made.  I felt so honored to be able to capture their firstborn's sweet newborn pictures! Congratulations, Matt and Jill! God blessed you guys with a gorgeous gorgeous little princess!

She has the most perfect and lovely baby girl hands! Her fingers were long and oh so dainty! She'll make a beautiful piano player one day, I'm sure! :)

I would totally plug this adorable hairbow and tutu, but I'm unsure of who made them! I believe someone in Ft. Wayne??? Bethany, feel free to email me with her info so I can link it here! :)

I'm sorry, I just had to show off her pretty fingers again!

Gorgeous skin, gorgeous little lips!

Ohhhh, I can't even begin to tell you how adorable it was to watch this new daddy interact with his little princess! Matt is truly a natural born father in every sense of the word!


First birthday party shoot tomorrow for my friend Dana's son! So excited! Her little man looks like he could be Maddox's TWIN, it's the cutest thing when we get those boys together! I'll post pictures soon, I promise!

Thanks again for checking out my blog! I'm so appreciative of the interest and support. In case you don't know, I also have a fan page on Facebook (Sarah-Beth Photography) and will be posting pictures on the fan page and the blog only from now on (instead of on my profile page), until I get a website up and going!