Friday, June 18, 2010

I heart summer!

It's been a hot week here in good ol' Indy. Like humid, sticky, swoobs hot. Sweat pouring down my face hot. But I much prefer summer to winter! Sunny days = fun shoots! Here are a few of my favorites from a shoot with a handsome guy and his mom, a surprise for her husband for Father's Day. She told me today that she couldn't wait until tomorrow to give them to him, so she showed him the pictures today! That makes me so happy that she loved them so much! :)

I can't believe I will have two boys this big one day. :(


One of my friends invited me to take the pictures at her son's first birthday party last weekend. Baby T has such a special place in my heart. He's about a month older than Maddox, but they look so much alike, they could be brothers! When we get the kids together, they are just the cutest things! I'm glad I have a new friend in Dana. Because she's FUN (duh), but also because I get to snuggle her little man, too! :)

Eyelashes, much?

T's daddy grilling for all the guests! It was a huge party and we had a blast!

Monster truck cake!

Cake testing.

Ohhhh, Tyler. I heart you. Happy birthday, big boy!

Here's a picture of T and M crawling around at the zoo last week.  Aren't they the cutest little duo ever?!?!?


I did a shoot yesterday for a coworker of mine. She has the most *adorable* baby girl! She was such a daddy's girl!

Pretty Kiera.

Love that dress!


And here are a few of my adorable bebes. :)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.....MADDOX IS WALKING!!!!!!!!!! Started walking a couple of weeks ago, and it is the cutest. thing. EVER.

Oh, I love them so much! They are just sucking every bit of summer out that they can, and I love it!

Harper was SO excited about going to the zoo!

Ethan mesmorized by the penguins. Penguins! Of all things.

I have a senior shoot scheduled next week and two more family shoots! Yay! I'll be posting more sooooon!


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