Monday, November 1, 2010

Been a LONG time!

Wow! I had no idea it had been over two months since I had made a blog entry! I've been SO busy these last couple of months. I'm taking a much needed night off from editing to watch some Monday Night Football (go Colts!) and relax a little bit...but I figured I'd go ahead and do a blog entry to update anyone who still follows it. And I hope there are a few of you out there that still check it out! :)

Well, let's see. I'll fill you in on life first. Ethan has started kindergarten. It's going well, he's learning a lot and really eager to read and write. It's awesome to see. Harper is still prancing around like she owns the place, insisting she's "Superman." You'd better not call her Harper, because she won't answer you. ;) Maddox is nearly 16 months old, is close to outweighing Harper, and spends a lot of time picking on his big sister. They're busy and loud and messy and keep me on my toes TWENTY-FOUR/SEVEN.  But, they're awesome. Here are a few recent pictures, taken by my best friend and go-to photographer, Rachel Vanoven.

My husband got a job offer three weeks ago that landed him in Atlanta for six weeks. It's a great job, a real blessing to our family, but working 60+ hours a week with two jobs and taking care of the kids and the house has been pretty difficult, lately! I'm SO thankful for the friends and family that are lending a helping hand to me and my babes. 

I'm still working as a nurse, three days a week. Then...any "spare" time I have is filled with kids, cleaning, shoots and editing. I put in about 36 hours a week as an RN, and about 30 hours a week with this awesome photography gig I have going!  So, I'm stretched thin, and have been for quite some time. I had a REALLY hard time saying "no" to people, because I was (and still am), SO incredibly grateful that people want me to be their photographer! Such a great feeling.  But, I'm learning quickly, that I can't be everything to everyone...all the time. So, I've got about 12 shoots in November scheduled (less than half of what I did in October!), and I'm leaving it at that. Three shoots a week still keeps me plenty busy, but not drowning in work. I miss my kids, I miss sleep, and I'm ready to wind down a little bit! Thankfully, Starbucks has been there for me every step of the way! ;)

Onto my recent shoots...I have met the most wonderful people and families these last couple of months. I've also gotten the chance to reconnect with old friends, which has been SUCH a blessing. I'm convinced I have the best clients in the world!!!!  Here's a very very small look at what I've been up to these past two months. Sorry I don't have time to be more detailed, but...kickoff in half an hour!

Baby Henry.

Sweet Hallie. Her momma's a photographer, too!

Zoe. I LOVE this picture!

Miss MK.

Lolli and Poppy. most. precious. girls. EVER!

Little Adeleena Belle. She loved the apples at the orchard!

SUCH an adorable family!!!

Last, but not least. This is just a little FYI to future clients, past clients, current clients and everyone in between. I've learned a lot about photography as a business here lately, and I just want to share a few things with you.  Or...get a few things off my chest. Either way, here it goes!

Of course, I would like to say 99% of the clients I've had have been more than perfectly pleased with their images. It makes my heart smile, it gives me this huuuge stupid grin on my face when I get an email, a text message, a facebook message and everything in between thanking me for doing such a wonderful job on their pictures. I wanna jump up and down when I see them refer me to their friends, I giggle like a little girl when I see them instantly make my image their new profile picture. It's awesome.


I've also had a couple of unhappy clients. We all know that's a given. It's impossible to keep everyone happy all the time. It's disappointing and makes me really sad (yes, I've even cried), but it's part of the job. And I'm okay with that. But, I wanted to give anyone who's not familiar with me or custom photography a little background on how this whole process goes. May not be the same for every custom photographer you meet, but this is how I roll..... ;)


I take a LOT of pictures. For a very specific reason. Eyes blink, snot flies out, eyes cross, blurry images here and there, baby crying, baby pooping, baby puking, lighting is off, no eyeballs looking in my general direction, outfit messed get the idea. I may take 20 pictures of seemingly the same "pose," but only get one or two really good shots out of the whole group. As a general rule of thumb, I probably edit 10-20% of the pictures I actually take. After the shoot, I sit down with my camera and delete the obviously horrid ones. And believe me, every photographer gets them! Then, I upload to the computer and go over every single image and write down every single one that, at first glance, seems worth editing. When I finally start editing in Photoshop, I may realize that a third of the images I thought were good enough to enhance with editing, actually aren't that great of images after all. They're pushed aside, too. The editing process takes anywhere from 4-12 hours. Depending on the session/situation. If you purchase a CD of "all edited images" (which is how I very carefully word it), you get exactly that. All edited images. Not every image. Not the good, the not so good, the horrible, and the beautiful edits. You get my BEST work. My absolute best. The work I lose sleep over. The work I sometimes ignore my kids over. The work I miss lunch and dinner over. But I DO edit every.single.editable.image. from your full session. (mini sessions are 10-15 images...the best of the absolute best). I promise I'm not "withholding" pictures from you. I promise I didn't overlook an amazing image you're sure I didn't give you. I promise promise promise! The other 200 pictures I took? Most of the time, not even worth a second glance. Trust me on this one.


I work two full-time jobs. I have three kids. I have a missing husband. ;) I have friends, family, housework, laundry and myself to attend to. Sometimes, I need a shower. Sometimes, I need to feed my face. Sometimes, I need more than three hours of sleep a night. Sometimes, I need to leave your pictures right where the are, sitting on my computer, and run downstairs and read a book to my kids. Or play outside. Or take them to McDonalds for dinner. Or sometimes I just need a few minutes to cry, regroup on the phone with a good friend, or sink into a bathtub for 10 minutes.

But I *promise,* you're a priority, too. I love you guys! You help me support my kids and my family while my husband is away. You put gas in my car, food on my table, clothes on my kids' backs. I am SO grateful for you. More grateful that you'll ever know. I think, in the next year or two, you (yes, YOU), will give me the unimaginably exciting opportunity to stay home with my kids.

I want you to get your images back as soon as possible. I've gotten busier than I would have ever in a million years have imagined. I used to be able to turn a CD over to you in 3 days, then it pushed to a week, then two, I'm sitting on a three week turnaround. I know I overdid it in October, but it's too late to turn back now! But...I didn't forget you!!! And thank you, three million times over, for being understanding, patient, and perfectly lovely! xoxo


One more thing. I want to be here. To answer any questions you may have. email me, text me, facebook message me, bug me to death before your session!!! I don't mind. I want your mind to be at ease, I want you to be excited and prepared to spend time with me, to let me spend time with you, and I want you to be tickled pink with the results. There's nothing too silly or "minor" to ask, so feel free to ask away!

I want to thank you so much for listening to my rambling. It's been a rough couple of weeks, and there were just a few things I wanted to get off my chest.

Have a wonderfully wonderful week!



  1. Wowza!! Saw you on a friends facebook page (Bridgette D.) and I couldve written this post myself..Every.single.word. I too am a nurse, photog, wife and mommy of 3. Seriously. You just said everything I have been feeling for the past year. SO glad Im not alone!!!!