Saturday, December 25, 2010

End of Year Special!

Since 2010 has been made *so* successful because of YOU, I'm offering a discount as my thank you! :)

If you book a session and pay your deposit before January 1, 2011, you will receive 20% off your session fee. email me at to book.

Thank you, love you, and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!


Small print: Discount not applicable for mini-sessions and boudoir hotel sessions. Non-refundable deposit to hold your date on my calendar is $50 and is accepted via paypal only for this offer. Discount good for any one regular priced session anytime in 2011.

And I leave you now with a few of my favorite pictures from recent sessions. :)

My brother and his gorgeous wife. They live in Oklahoma, and we don't see them nearly as much as we'd like. I had *so* much fun photographing them on Christmas Eve. Gag-worthy in love couples like them make doing couples shoots a breeze! Ryan proposed on Christmas Day four years ago. Happy four year engagement anniversary, you guys! ;) xoxo

Another family member! This is my cousin Laura. She got married the weekend before Christmas, and I had the honor of photographing her and her bridesmaids preparing for the big day. I'm super hesitant to do a wedding (ceremony/reception). I don't have the experience, I've never shadowed a photographer doing a wedding, and I'm quite convinced I don't have the right equipment. Plus, brides pretty much scare me (as being the photographer, not as a person in general). Buuuut. Despite that, I absolutely love love looooved doing the "before the wedding" pictures. So, if anyone ever wants to hire me for something along those lines, I'd be more than happy to do so!

Congrats Laura and Grant, love you both!

Little Gus. The sweetest newborn ever. Love. Him.

How handsome is this little man???? This family totally rocked a chilly chilly outdoor session a few weeks ago! Loved meeting them!

I know you may be hesitant to do an outdoor session in the middle of winter in good ol' Indiana. But, let me tell you something. My chilly sessions have been an absolute blast. SO fun. The colors are amazing (snow or no snow), and the shoots have all turned out perfectly! I was worried about how winter sessions would be received, but I've been nothing but pleased, and I think my clients feel the same way!

Again, Merry Merry Christmas, and I look forward to what 2011 has in store!

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