Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Givin' Credit Where it's Due...

There are some photographers out there, I've recently learned, who try to pass off knowledge, tricks/secrets and their "signature" as their own...when in actuality, it's copied, falsified and not anything originally theirs. So, this blog entry is giving credit where credit is due. Below, check out photographers, actions, ideas, inspiration of mine that I want to share...

Rachel Vanoven Photography. She is my best friend, mentor, person I vent to, cry to, share my secrets with. If I could, one day, be half as good as she is at newborn photography (heck, photography in general!) I just wouldn't know what to do with myself!  Photographers, she also offers the most *amazing* newborn workshops in both Indy and Jacksonville. Check her out, save some money, and take one of these workshops!!!

Mika Beth Edwards Photography. Check her stuff out here on facebook. Her images just completely blow me away. She's an amazing photographer! I don't know her personally, but I've started to easily recognize her work.

Skye Hardwick. 'Nuf said.

Ahhh, JD textures. Jessica Drossin is an amazing photographer, and also creates and sells the most beautiful textures templates I've ever seen. I used them frequently while editing your images. They add a little something that I just can't explain. They bring out the best in my images, and I usually get all googlie eyed with the gorgeousness of them! Plus, she sells them VERY reasonably priced. $25 a pack? I think yes. New photographers, put these on your wishlist, fo sho!

Kelle Hampton. She was a teacher, turned momma, turned photographer. She spends her days at home with her girlies and photographs life, every day, as it happens. She reminds me how important it is to focus my lens not just on my clients, but on my world. My children, my life as I know it. She's a beautiful writer and always finds a way to inspire me, she's just relateable (I know, spellcheck tells me that's not a word. Oh well!). And I like her. A lot.

Family. Family inspires me every day. Every single day. And Red Dirt Revival is no different. This is my sister in law's blog. She's freakin' awesome, sees beauty and finds beauty in things I might never look twice at. Check her blog out, check her FB fan page out. If you like vintage, retro, design...she's your go-to girl!

Pure Photoshop Actions. Seriously folks? I use these on every.single.image that I edit. They are by far the most amazing actions I've ever seen. Worth every penny!!! Photographers, if you don't have these, you must purchase them. Like, yesterday.

Amelia's Actions. My go-to black and white actions. By FAR. They're new and available at a very reasonable price on Etsy. love love LOVE them.

And just as a shout out to friends of mine doin' their thang on facebook and around? Check out these fanpages. And "like" them. Hard working mommy friends of mine who have more creativity in their little pinky finger than I have in my whole body!

Laynie and Belle: hair things.
Hair Candy.
Rag Bottom Baby
Made for Belle

PS. IF, for some reason, the links don't work...google these ladies. Seriously. They're easy to find, and well worth the discovery!

Ah. Now, I feel better. <3


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