Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Burns Benefit. Blogged.

So, as most of you know, one of my dearest friends lost her husband in a car accident a week and a half ago.

Melissa is finally home, but has a long road ahead, filled with multiple surgeries to fix her badly broken leg, and finally laying her amazing husband to rest this weekend.

My heart continues to ache and yearn to be a comfort to Melissa and her boys. I just continue to pray for comfort, peace and healing. She has an amazing amazing support system in her friends, family and faith, and I know that she'll be okay. One day at a time.

Last Thursday, we held a benefit for the Brent Burns Memorial Fund at a boutique here in Indy. The turnout was, to say the least, amazing. The store was filled with people from all over, coming to show their support for Melissa and the boys. So many talented vendors donated goods and services, it was an overwhelming response to our friend in need.

I was (and still am) humbled, to say the least. What a wonderful community we live in! God is good. All the time.

The grand total for the benefit is somewhere around $4,000....and we're not done yet! Everything that didn't sell at the benefit is being placed on an online auction through, starting next Thursday, April 7. I can't even begin to list the awesomeness that is up for auction! Please check it out!

Here are few pictures I snapped while at the benefit last week. I wish I had time to really take more, but the place was so jam packed with new and old friends, I spent more time chatting, mingling, hugging and shopping! :)

Ashley counting up the money at the end of the night! We were giddy, thankful and overwhelmed when we finally added up the total dollar amount. It's easy to see that this community loves this family.

Ashley (creator of Laynie and Belle ::{hair things}::) is also the genius behind the hyenacart auction, as well as one of Melissa's closest friends. She's been amazing!

Shoppers and friends! Love these girls!

The place was packed. The. entire. time. Amazing.

Amanda, me and Ashley. The three knuckleheads that somehow put this shindig on with just about three days of planning (along with Candance and Brooke, owner of Lottie Dottie...couldn't have done it without them!!!). Amanda and Ashley have been friends of mine for about a year now. We don't hang out on a regular basis, talk on the phone every night or show up to each other's houses unannounced just to hang out. But this event, this loss, has brought me closer to these girls, given me a newfound love for them and their friendships. SO thankful for them. We all love Melissa, Brent and the boys so much, and anything we can do to ease the burden, just a little bit, is what we'll do. And then some. They. are. awesome. xoxo

My sweet nephew charming the shoppers!

A little slap happy by the end of the night, huh, Amanda???

Again, hyenacart auction. Starting Thursday, April 7th. Be there. Or be a total loser.

Just kidding. Kind of.

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