Thursday, February 24, 2011

Saturdays are GONE!

Heeeeeeey. :)

Just wanted to tell you guys a few things without overloading your fb feeds.

Saturdays are BOOKED through mid July. Eeek! So, if you're needing/wanting a Saturday shoot this year, looks like the end of July or August is your time! I know...perfect. The most humid sweat-dripping-between-your-boobs time. Buuuut, I had a ton of great shoots last July and August, the secret is booking a morning or late afternoon. It usually works out just fine. :) I'll take care of you, I promise.

Also, I've booked with Indy Studio Share for indoor shoots for November and December 2011 and January and February 2012. If you're wanting to schedule indoor shoots for the cold winter months (I know it's hard to image Christmas time again...but hey, a little planning ahead never hurt anyone!), I only have about 4 dates each month. If you're interested, just shoot me an email (, and we can try to get something tenatively on the schedule.

So, wanna know what I've been up to lately???

catching up with some of my favorite clients! Mr. Gage here is turning four!
I love this picture. :)

I've also been cuddling my sweet chubby perfect little nephew! Asher Jude Heath Whitt was born January 6th (Maddox's half birthday!), weighing in at a rockin 9 lb 2 oz. He is, by far, the cuuuutest baby everrrrr. I mean, seriously??? The cheeks? Nibble-able.

I've also been spending as much time as possible oohing and ahhing over this little miracle. My best friend's daughter, Delaney Marie, graced us with her presence eight weeks early! She's doing absolutely AMAZING. She'll be one week old tomorrow, has surpassed her birth weight, the IVs have been pulled, she's breathing on her own, and taking nearly an ounce of mommy's milk at every feeding (thru her NG tube). She's the feistiest little fighter I ever have met, she's absolutely *stunning* with a full head of black hair, and one of the most miraculous things I've witnessed so far this lifetime. I can't wait for her to chunk up and go home so we can get some real newborn pictures done! :)
Stay tuned for those sometime in April.

ohhh. I lurve little Mason. His momma and I used to work together, and I was so thrilled Jodi asked me to do his two year pictures. How sweet is that little face???

babiesbabiesbabies! I've had a lot of newborn littles to cuddle lately, I've been so lucky!

just chillaxin on mom and dad's bed.

freakin.yum. And I'm not talking about the cake. This hot stuff is also one of my first clients, little Lilyanna has turned one! Love her, love her mom and dad, and I hope I have the honor of photographing her forever! SUCH a fun family.

I've also been playing with my new logo, courtesy of mollysue logos. Love it! And I've been obsessing over not just cute Daphne, my friend's daughter...but also the amazing headwrap she's wearing. I'm a huge fan of Vintage Rose Wraps (pretty obsessed with them, actually!). Check them out! Like, now. Do it! I wear them, my daugher wears them, my friends wear next project is putting one of those bad boys on a newborn during a'll look so presh, I can't wait!

ohhh, Miss Alyssa. Another newborn I was lucky enough to photograph a week or two ago. Love.

I was on the hunt for the best skinny jeans and was having NO luck! Finally, saved! A sweetheart from here in Indy opened up an awesome high-end boutique here in Greenwood called Lottie Dottie. Needless to say, I've been hiding Lottie Dottie bags from my husband for weeks now! hehe. Check out the store here!

and. What else? I've been spending a LOT of time drinking coffee. And Harper has been spending LOTS of time playing with Mommy's camera!

Have a good week friends, it's Friday tomorrow!!!!


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